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Although it can be a bit intimidating the first time you try snowboarding, most resorts and ski shops offer everything you need to hit the slopes.

Since snowboards can be rather expensive to purchase, rentals are a great way to get started. There are a variety of boards from alpine, to freestyle, to freeride. Most beginners prefer freestyle snowboards since they run a bit shorter and offer more control.

Bindings are included with your board and firmly fasten your snow boots to the board. Make sure you get an equipment specialist to help you get the correct binding size if you are a novice snowboarder. Boots should be snug, allowing for a very small amount of wiggle room.

Wet feet can quickly interrupt your time out on the slopes so be sure to invest in a great pair of snowboarding socks that wick moisture.

Although the goal is to generally being standing up the entire time, novices and experts alike will routinely find themselves with their backside on the snow and their feet/board up in the air. For this reason, you will want to be sure your jacket and pants work together to create a barrier against the snow finding its way to your skin.

For extremely cold days, you’ll want to layer up. Avoid cotton base- and mid-layers since they trap sweat and are not waterproof. Stick to synthetic materials for moisture wicking and temperature control so as to be as comfortable as possible on the slopes.

Don’t forget a snowboard helmet, waterproof gloves, and of course, snowboard goggles. Goggles are crucial to snowboarding and will protect your eyes from cutting winds and eliminate glare from the sun and the snow.

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