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Hitting the ski slopes is always a blast, but traveling with the skis, poles and boots can be a drag. That’s why many skiers, novice and experienced alike, choose to rent their equipment from the ski resort or from a location in town near where they will be staying.

The equipment specialists at your destination will be able to find the perfect skis for you based on your age, height, body weight, and level of experience. All of that information will narrow down the length of your skis and the settings of the bindings.

As for the length of skis, beginners will benefit from about chin-high skis. The tip will fall between your nose and chin. Don’t forget to glance at the edges of the skis and make sure they are tuned and the bottoms should be waxed.

The equipment specialist will instruct you on how the bindings work, and how to remove snow from them. Most lodges and shops carry several types of equipment packages to fit beginners to experts. Beginners will benefit from shaped skis that are wider at the top compared to straight skis.

Don’t forget your ski boots, helmet and poles! Since skiing requires much more equipment than other sports, leave enough time to get suited up before any lessons you have planned.

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