Saltwater Fishing

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Saltwater Fishing Trips

From coast to coast to coast, the US offers amazing saltwater fishing, where anglers can try their luck deep-sea fishing, bay fishing, pier fishing, backwater fishing, and even surf fishing.

Stretching from the southern tip of Florida all the way up to Maine, The Atlantic coast boasts amazing fishing opportunities that lure (pun intended) anglers from all over the world. Using a seasoned guide is essential in order to find the trophy fish.

Thanks to year-round warm water temperatures, the Gulf of Mexico serves up incredible fishing, both near shore and offshore. Because there are so many barrier islands along the Gulf coast, there are countless bays that offer fantastic fishing, while keeping the waves to a minimum.

The Pacific coast is both beautiful and bountiful. The cold waters of the northern Pacific coast boast incredible salmon and halibut, and make for a thrilling fishing excursion. As you move further south down the coast, the assortment of sportfish increases, giving you many more options to choose from. From albacore to wahoo, the west coast offers up just about every type of saltwater fish.

Saltwater fishing in Alaska is on a whole other level from anything you’ve tried before. Although getting there takes a bit more time for most, it is well worth it. The environment is pristine, resulting in huge, healthy fish. Experiencing an Alaska fishing trip will produce lifelong memories for you and your fishing companions.

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