Frequently Asked Questions


These FAQ’s are available to help navigate and answer any questions you may have about your WISE YETI services

What is a Yeti?
A Yeti is an ape like “Mountain Man” and is generally regarded as a legend. The Wise Yeti is a legend in that he is here to help book the best outdoor adventures for you!
Will work on my Smart Phone?
Yes! is optimized to create the best mobile web experience for you and your phone. Depending on Browser and device, will automatically fit to your Smart Phone screen.
What if my preferred city is not listed as a location?
Don’t Worry! Choose the closest city to you desired location and we will match you with the outfitter(s) servicing closest to your adventure location. You may also add the specific area, city, or region to the details section prior to submitting, as this will be sent to the outfitter(s) as well.
How do I get started?
Adventurists can submit initial requests though the Green get started section on the home page. Once your location and category are selected your will be prompted to provide specific details and create your user FOR FREE! Any additional adventures will be submitted through your user dashboard following login.
How do I know I have a new bid on my Adventure request?
Wise Yeti is here to manage all quotes and questions directly through the site! Your dashboard will provide you the opportunity to manage these quotes and questions, and don’t worry; we can even email you when an outfitter has provided responses.
What happens after I accept a Quote?
Once a quote is accepted an Adventurer’s contact information will be provided to the outfitter. An adventurer and outfitter can then complete payment processing as they see fit per any communications provided via
What does cost to use as an Adventurer?
Zero, Zilch, Nada! is free for an Adventurer as we are here to save you time and money as well as ensure you have the best adventure possible.
How do I get my Adventure picture on home page?
The best picture taken each month on a Wise Yeti booked adventure will earn a spot on the Wise Yeti home page. Spend more time doing and claim your fame!

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