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Wise Yeti bridges the gap between outdoor enthusiasts and you, the Outfitter. For $195/yr you’ll receive unlimited leads in real time as well as your own personal profile page to expand your brand. Take advantage now and sign up as an Outfitter today.

This information will be used to setup your account. On the next page you will setup your Outfits so that you can receive quote requests and communicate with consumers. By signing up you agree to the terms and conditions.

Stay booked up.

Do you ever have a gap in the day that you need to fill with business? When a lead comes across, you can quickly submit a price and sales pitch to win that business and make the most of your day.

Let Wise Yeti do your marketing.

A great website listed high in search engines can be a great resource. However, they can be costly and you may not have the know-how, time, or marketing dollars to spend. Let us bring the traffic and leads to you. Wise Yeti puts you on a level playing field so you don’t miss an opportunity to sell your services.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

If a customer wants to go on an adventure they have to put in a lot of time and work to find outfitters; Contact each of them, compare prices, read reviews, and so on. Wise Yeti makes this easy. Customers simply send out a quote request and go on about their day. They receive the quotes and can find the best situation for them, right in one place.

No matter the time
or day.

A customer might decide late at night to go on an adventure the very next day. They might even decide one morning that they want to do something that evening. They could spend time researching outfitters, then make several calls, to again, compare deals. That’s not realistic. They can simply hop on Wise Yeti and submit a request. You will receive the quote request when it comes across in real time, enabling you to earn business that you might have otherwise missed.

This is not a bidding war.

The customer can view all quotes submitted. The lowest price does not always win. Fill out your outfitter bio and use the communication tool to explain why someone should pick you over the rest.

Your money is your money!

We don’t take a cut of your transactions. We charge a low $195 annual subscription fee to give you access to all of this potential business. Join today and start your business on it's next adventure.

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